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Buzz Win. This is where we are truly unique. Daily dividends are up for grabs!

The Buzz chart is a league table of press coverage that all players on the Index receive on a daily basis. 25 UK based football news feeds are used to collate this information and each story is weighted by our algorithm that uses sentiment analysis to determine how many points to allocate the player mentioned in each specific story. Sounds complicated, I know, but don’t worry. The Buzz chart runs from midnight for 24 hours and the winner will be crowned at the end of this period. This is where it gets good, if you have Futures in the player that wins the Buzz you will be awarded 8p per share that you own. That’s’ right! If you have 1000 shares in the Buzz Winner you will get £80 added straight to your balance, happy days! Furthermore, if you have Futures in the players that finished second you will get 5p per future you own and 2p per future in the player that finishes 3rd!


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