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The Worlds most expensive player is living up to that title on the Football Index in the last few days with a phenomenal rise that has seen him smash the £7 barrier. The Brazilian has joined Harry Kane (£7.73) and Lionel Messi (£9.07) in breaking through the £7 barrier today. But what has been driving the rise?
There appears to be two key factors driving the huge rise in the past seven days, buzz potential and a certain fixture taking place tomorrow. The two are certainly related with tomorrow’s friendly between Brazil and England being front and centre in the media’s mind. This has seen Neymar romp home with the last three media buzz wins to give 24p in dividends to Neymar owners! With the Brazilians not actually taking on Gareth Southgate’s men until tomorrow night are we set for two more days of buzz, giving the samba star a 40p return in just 5 days!
Add in the fact that the media dividends have been in overdrive over the past few days as a seemingly improbable transfer to Real Madrid appears to be on the table. The Brazilian is supposedly bored of playing in Ligue 1 and is earmarked as a long term replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo (£5.62) for Los Blancos. The man himself actually broke down in tears at the weekend, as he accused media of making up stories, making it hard to know what to believe. But it all means one thing for Indexers……..dividends!
All of these factors have helped Neymar’s price rocket from £6.15 just seven days ago and less than a month ago he was trading a £1 less than his current price at £5.80! This just highlights the phenomenal rise of Neymar and traders will be hoping it continues!

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