Does The Untamed Have A Good Ending

Does The Untamed Have A Good Ending. Gave a ~brief~ overview of 陈情令 and talk about what the actual ending for the untamed should have been…contain spoilers0:03 overview of drama3:15 ending expos. Image courtesy of tencent) 1.

The Untamed 陈情令 Fanfic Untold Stories Chapter 7 "Gusu Part 5 from

Like the two lead's relationship, much of the drama is left up to interpretation, including the ending. The untamed is about them being very close in terms of friendship. It is a xianxia story, which means it is a fantasy adventure heavily.

It Is A Xianxia Story, Which Means It Is A Fantasy Adventure Heavily.

A bit late to reply, but i would say it's a happy ending. The novel ended differently of course. Even though the wetv version is a little more questionable, fact remains things could have been so much worse.

Yes, But Then You Can Just Go Read The Book As Well 😉 1.

Obviously, they are some bad things on the technical side that could have been better (cgi, camera work, production value, etc) but they become less noticeable due to the overwhelming good things, which are the casting and the script writing. Now before i say anything further, for the record, i am freaking grateful we got the ending we got…especially the original tencent version. Adapted from the novel xing han can lan, xing shen zhi zai (星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉) by guan xin ze luan (关心则乱).

13:16 Of Episode 33 → End Of The Show Picks Up Where 39:15 Of Episode 2 Left Off, 16 Years After The Flashback From Episode.

The untamed is about them being very close in terms of friendship. And i definitely agree with you i have never wanted two ppl to kiss and pda more then them!!! Some people were happy with ending.

It Is My Interpretation After Watching The Last Bit After The Credits That Wwx And Lwj Were Going To Go Their Separate Ways.

So yeah i had a very vivid imagination while watching the tv series (the untamed, btw very accurate name)they cut all the drunk play, phoenix mountain kiss, bathhouse romance and obviously the “happy” ending. The plot of “the untamed” is based on mankind and their need for pleasure, not necessarily from this monster. The untamed is based on mo dao zu shi (literally grandmaster of demonic cultivation), a novel by mo xiang tong xiu.

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Lan zhan allows wei wuxian escape with the remainder of the wen clan in episode 25 and 26. One of the most poignant wangxian scenes in the untamed is when lan zhan leaves a meeting with the clan. I wasn't really invested until around 20 episodes in, and it dragged a bit too as it really should've jumped back to the future faster.