Football INDEX Is Snowballing

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The talk of the town at the moment is that of the Beast from the East; the unstoppable cold weather event which has swept a snowy path across much of the country. But yet, a more unstoppable force is also sweeping the country; that of the Football Index!

We witnessed yet another resounding day of growth with the market growing by 67.66 points and thereby leaving us at a total point haul of 13,778. Having written for the Index for over a year now, I remember the days when a market growth of 10 points was exciting! It seems that these days we are consistently seeing these high levels of growth and this can only be a good thing. It is therefore apt to reflect during these snowy times, just how much the Index is currently snowballing!

A quick glimpse at the man on top of the pile really gives an indication of just how far the platform has come. A year ago Neymar could be snapped up for the measly sum of £1.21! (Just imagine that?!) When you consider his growth by almost ten times his sum at this point, it is absolutely phenomenal to think of the potential profits some traders will surely be enjoying. Currently priced at £10.41, it’s exciting to think what price we may see Neymar at this time in 2019.

This kind of comparison really highlights just how valuable it can be looking at a trade from a long-term point of view. It is easy to get caught up in the quick-flipping madness of the transfer window, but looking at figures like this makes me excited to see what the potential value of players could be in another year’s time. Having kicked myself so many times down the years for hesitating in making a purchase, it can be worthwhile having this long-term perspective and it’s definitely a worthwhile strategy to keep in mind.

The great thing about this snowball effect is that the more people that get involved in the Index, the more we should see a swelling of prolonged growth! With more countries set to join the Index revolution, it seems that this snowball is only going to get bigger!


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A Football INDEX Trader since the early days of the platform’s launch, Andrew offers regular insight into the movements on the market.

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