Football INDEX Team Up With John Motson

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What a day. A truly record breaking day. 

Football INDEX went into overdrive yesterday lunchtime when the much built up breaking news from Marketing Director @MikeB_FI was finally released.

If you aren’t on Twitter then this article is here to describe yesterday’s events. If you are on Twitter, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Yesterday lunchtime the news broke that Football INDEX were teaming up with the legend that is John Motson.

Mike & Football INDEX Founder Adam sealed the deal and have already started working with John Motson on our new upcoming Sky Sports TV ads and talkSport Radio adverts. Incredible stuff.

The news was then confirmed by the official FootballINDEX account:

This news, of course, went down a treat with the famous #FICommunity.

One may have even sorted out our next jersey giveaway!

This news is fantastic and something we are delighted to get over the line. This will do wonders for the continued growth and credibility of the platform and all of us at Football INDEX HQ are incredibly excited.

But that’s not all, this happened………

That’s right, a 10% Deposit offer for all Football INDEX users. All you have to do is OPT-IN here. Safe to say, this sent everyone into a frenzy.

Shout out to @DyerMarzio who was celebrating his birthday!

Well said @_FiGuide,

A personal favourite of mine:

This is just a selection of some of the positive tweets circulating around the Twittersphere. I would highly recommend looking through the #FootballINDEX hashtag, there are plenty of screenshots of portfolios flying which is always good to see. Trust me, it’s an enjoyable read.

Portfolios continued to fly into the evening as Traders realised pay-day was fast approaching.

Many were speculating whether it was going to be a record day. Traders woke to the official news that it was and my word, it was. The Footie was up a staggering 1,564 points.

Finally, this morning we received live footage of the #FICommunity reacting to the news 😉

What a day and let’s hope there are many more.

P.S. the deposit bonus runs until Tuesday.

Jump back into the market now:


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