Football INDEX Weekly Round-Up

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It’s been another tumultuous week in the transfer window with plenty of opportunities to profit on Football INDEX! How have you done? Here’s a recap of the last 7 days with some of the players who have been hogging the headlines or putting in dividend winning performances …

 Friday 5th January (Single Match Day)


One week on from being a Friday Media Dividend winner, Virgil van Dijk (£1.88) was at it again, last Friday. The 6ft 3in Dutchman pulled in 1,900 MEDIA points with his match-winning debut goal for Liverpool scored against arch-rivals Everton in the FA Cup third round. The £75M signing from Southampton reflected on his ‘dream’ debut in a 100-pointer for the Daily Mail (here) and we were told in a 120-pointer for the Mirror (here) that ‘nights like this persuaded him to move to Anfield’. (Highlights)


An 8.4 rating and a MOTM green star from WhoScored sat next to the name of Serbian midfielder, Ivan Radovanovic (£0.71), following his smashing opening goal for Chievo in their 1-1 home draw with Udinese in Serie A. More than that the 29-year-old racked up a darts score ‘ton eighty’ of Match Day points to take a total of 6p per share as the Top Midfielder and Top Overall player of the day.

While they both do ‘headers’, try not to confuse this Ivan Radovanovic with the Toronto-based neurosurgeon of the same name… especially if you need a brain operation! (Highlights)


There were two Serie A matches, last Friday. And the second one – Fiorentina 1-1 Inter Milan – came up Trumps for the day’s remaining dividend winners. Both of whom play for Fiorentina. First up, with 149 Match Day points to take Top Defender, was Cristiano Biraghi (£0.62). The 25-year-old left back has been on a loan-to-buy deal from Pescara since last summer and his favourite colour is gamboge… or it should be because that sounds way cooler than saying red or blue or yellow or green.


The other 4p per share dividend went to Federico Chiesa (£1.35), son of the prolific Serie A striker Enrico Chiesa… [Don’t worry, my face was equally blank when I read that.] The 20-year-old somehow got the Top Forward dividend with 78 Match Day points, out-pointing both goalscorers, Mauro Icardi (£2.44) for Inter, and Diego Simeone’s son Giovanni (£0.69), who equalized in added time for Fiorentina. (Highlights)

Saturday 6th January (Double Match Day)

Wow, normal service resumed for Media King of the previous week, Philippe Coutinho (£3.76) as the news broke that he WAS moving to Barcelona – and for an eye-watering £142M at that! A riot of stories racked up a stonking 3,350 MEDIA points to ensure the 5p per share once again went to Football INDEX’s Coutinho traders. BBC Sport banked 100 points of MEDIA with ‘Philippe Coutinho: Five of his best Liverpool goals as he prepares to join Barcelona’. We’ll miss crackers like those in the Premier League. (Watch)


Ciro Immobile (£1.65) scored four goals as Lazio blasted SPAL 5-2 to move fourth in Serie A on Saturday. With performances like that, the only way the 27-year-old should live up to his surname is by remaining in place in your portfolio! WhoScored rated him a perfect Bo Derek ‘10’, gave him a green star, and right now would probably back him if he wanted to take a run at being ‘Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri della Repubblica Italiana’. 278 Match Day points and the Top Forward/Top Overall dividends were in the bag, and worth a sweet Double Match Day 12p per share in total! (Highlights)


Earning 265 Match Day points saw our old friend, Daniel Parejo (£2.12), back amongst the Match Day dividend winners. The 28-year-old Spaniard bagged the second Valencia goal (from the penalty spot) in their 2-1 home victory over Girona, with their first, coming from an own goal that drew them level. 11.3% possession, a couple of shots and tackles, 8 corners and an 88% pass success rate saw him take the 8p per share Top Midfielder dividend. You’ll remember Parejo generated Star Player bonus dividends last year on 4th November & 9th December! (Highlights)


With just 1 Match Day point less, Kalidou Koulibaly (£1.91) took the Top Defender dividend just eight days after he last bagged it. The 26-year-old Senegalese scored Napoli’s opening goal in their 2-0 victory over Verona. WhoScored rates him as ‘very strong’ in passing and made him their 8.4 MOTM. His agent Bruno Satin says, “Kalidou is the best central defender in Italy.” KK’s goal certainly helped Napoli extend their lead in Serie A – they now have 51 points from 20 games. (Highlights)

Sunday 7th January (Double Match Day)


Like a kicked bee’s nest, the Philippe Coutinho story was still at full Media on Sunday. 3,330 MEDIA points of all-angle coverage brought in another 5p per share for PC traders, and left ‘non-PC’ traders inventing new swear words to voice their regret! The Daily Mail claimed a 60-pointer World Exclusive with Sportsmail invited to join the Brazilian on his journey from Liverpool, via Luton, to Barcelona where Luis Suarez (£2.08), no less, had already found the Liverpool starlet a house in the community he shares with Lionel Messi (here).

Speaking of the G.O.A.T and his toothsome neighbour… they both scored in Barcelona’s 3-0 Camp Nou victory over Levante. Messi (£7.86) scored the opener and got an assist following a fine dribbling run to feed the ball across the box for Paulinho to score the third. The 30-year-old Argentinian superstar registered his third WhoScored MOTM from his last four games and with 204 Match Day points was Sunday’s Top Forward and Star Player dividend winner. Suarez scored a great volleyed goal that’s worth seeing too. In the same match, and reportedly his last for Barca before a lucrative move to China, Javier Mascherano (£1.05) registered 160 Match Day points to take the Top Defender 8p per share. (Highlights)


Gabriel Pires (£0.74) scored the only goal as Leganes beat Real Sociedad 1-0. You can see that (here). This was the first day that Football INDEX’s daily Dividend Winner emails included Match Day Stats graphics for each of the PB winners. This is a much easier way to see why players registered a certain PB score than trying to piece it together from other sources.


Monday 8th January (Single Match Day)


Just when you thought the volume couldn’t get any higher… the daylight unveiling (here) of Philippe Coutinho as Barcelona’s 33rd Brazilian signee shunted the Media up to 3,630 decibels! You’d have thought even INDEX traders with portfolios bulging with PC shares would have been getting a bit blasé by now! But no. ‘Bring it on’ you said! For those who bought at his peak, last month, when his share price went as high as £5.47, there was probably a little more desperation in the request! Having fallen below the £4 mark, there was a small upward rallying in price to £4.11 as we headed towards three days of Treble Media payouts.



The solo La Liga game on Monday night was a lukewarm affair to be pulling our Match Day winners from. Espanyol beat Malaga away 0-1 and having seen the highlights the best bit was some player crying at the end. That made two of us. Boring or not, the Top Overall and Top Defender went to Aaron ‘Aston-to-his-mates’ Martin (£0.68) who picked up 135 Match Day points and stuffed them down his shorts to make his engine look bigger. The 20-year-old was reportedly being scouted by both Manchester clubs pre-Christmas, and way back in March 2017 the Sun reckoned both Man City and Real Madrid were in the chase for his skills (shown here). WorldOfFootballHD describe him as “one of the most promising left backs in Europe.” At 68p, could he be a good buy-and-hold punt?


Espanyol’s Léo Baptistão (£0.52) won the Top Forward dividend of 4p per share with just 57 Match Day points. Unfortunately, the 25-year-old Brazilian is one of those forwards who doesn’t score much and this game was no exception. To be fair, half the time he plays in right midfield, but if you want to draw and send him a map of which end the opposition’s goal is… could be useful. WhoScored rates him ‘Very Strong’ in defensive contribution. I refer you back to my previous suggestion. Brighton and Southampton were sniffing around Baptistão towards the end of last year, so if they liked what they smelt, he could soon be spotted not scoring on the South Coast of England having not scored on the South Coast of Spain. In other groundbreaking news, there’s a DFS sale on.


Gonzalo Castro (£1.31) won Monday’s Top Midfielder and immediately lit up a fat cigar rolled on the thighs of one of his many mistresses. Eh? Wassat? Wrong Castro? Oh yes, I see it was neither a Cuban dictator nor Borussia Dortmund’s 30-year-old Gonzalo Castro, but Malaga’s 33-year-old Uruguayan attacking left midfielder of that same name. Apparently 3 shots, 1 tackle, and ballsing up half his passes was enough to merit 65 PB points and earn his traders the 4p per share return. So, it’s true then. Every dog DOES have its day! (Concession: The Match Day Stats graphic included in your BUZZ Winner email make Castro seem much more…’industrious’!)

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Tuesday 9th January (Treble Media Day)


With approximately 2,000 Media points less than the previous two days, Philippe Coutinho nevertheless held on to take the 8p per share dividend for topping the first of the week’s Treble Media Days. Of the 1,620 Media points that our Brazilian star accumulated, The Telegraph notched 120 Media points with one article headed “Philippe Coutinho posts heartfelt message to Liverpool fans and says he will ‘always cherish club in my heart’.” (here). It was a story echoed by many outlets.


Tuesday saw Alexis Sanchez picking up the 5p per share Media dividend with 1,150 Media points of coverage. With the Coutinho move done, the next major point of transfer interest was whether Manchester City could wrestle Sanchez from Arsene Wenger’s clutches in January – and if so, for how much. Gunners hero Ray Parlour suggested to talkSPORT that Liverpool should use some of the Coutinho money to make a bid for Sanchez! (Here)


Commentating on the Manchester City vs Bristol City match for 5 Live, Alan Green and former Rangers boss Ally McCoist joked ahead of the game that if things didn’t go right for City, they could always call Sergio Aguero off the bench to save them. And that was exactly what happened, just as The Guardian headlined (here). The 29-year-old Argentinian, who will presumably leave Man City if they buy Sanchez, bagged the third Media dividend of 2p per share with 540 points. (Highlights)

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Wednesday 10th January (Treble Media Day)

Alexis Sanchez (£5.52) was Wednesday’s 8p per share Media dividend winner. 1,530 points worth of Media included Daily Star and the Express headlines quoting Craig Bellamy stating Man City WILL buy Sanchez this window and how Sanchez would make Leroy Sane a better player (here). picked up 30 points surmising/projecting, with many others, that Kevin De Bruyne may have let slip that a deal is as good as done, when he said “When he comes he will add something to the team”.


Meanwhile in the Carabao Cup semi-final 0-0 draw between Chelsea and Arsenal, Sanchez came on from the subs bench for just 24 minutes, but didn’t get a shot away. Wenger defended his player’s attitude afterwards, claiming he wanted the Chilean to stay at Arsenal. Jack Wilshere (£1.86) got injured in the match, which ensured enough Media to secure the lowest rung 2p dividend with 540 Media points. The Express hit a fifth of that with a 100-pointer announcing ‘Arsenal star suffers freak ankle injury during Chelsea draw’! Tottenham Funnies nailed it (here)



Philippe Coutinho picked up the middle 5p per share Media dividend with 1,450 points of blah…blah…blah (can you tell I am a bit jaded now?!). The Barca’d Brazilian was getting shout-outs from former manager Brendan Rodgers, and from his ‘heartbroken’ Liverpool bro, Robert Firmino. The Mirror ka-ching’d 80 Media points with “Manchester United’s Paulo Dybala hopes hit ‘as Juventus increase asking price’ following Philippe Coutinho fee”.

Unfortunately for some INDEX traders, as much as Coutinho has been pulling in the Media dividends, the player’s share price has tumbled cancelling out the gains. By Thursday afternoon, he was topping the £-Decrease chart with a red -£0.31 next to his name and a price down to £3.73. Sanchez’s price by contrast leapt 40p on suggestions that Man United had waded in with a bid. But more on that to come…

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Thursday 11th January (Treble Media Day)

Alexis Sanchez (£5.47) was the talk of the town again, racking up 2,520 points, as Manchester United were alleged to have launched a sneaky bid for the 29-year-old wanted by their City rivals. This little bit of Red Devilment certainly flicked the bean on the INDEX arousometer! The Chilean’s price, which had fallen into a bit of a trough in the last 7 days, surged upwards on Thursday from as low as £5.10 to highs of £5.59!

The Express banked 100 point with a story, citing Chilean journalist @MaksCardenas, that Liverpool had also made a move for Sanchez. But no one else seemed to give that much credibility. Metro used Phil Neville’s thoughts on why A.S. would be the perfect United signing to clock up another 100-pointer. And Metro outlined Jose’s ‘plan’ to play Sanchez alongside Gareth Bale (£3.73) and Romelu Lukaku (£4.48).

Meanwhile, the Telegraph claimed 40-points from ‘Manchester United target Alexis Sanchez, Jamie Vardy (£0.85) and Javier Hernandez (£0.77) as striking options’ (here)! The price of both Vardy and Hernandez spiked as a result – by +18.65% and +14.54% respectively.

Philippe Coutinho (remember him?) picked up Thursday’s second-place Media dividend with 1,020 points. Since confirmation of his move to Barcelona, P.C.’s share price has found itself in gravity’s giant squid clutches, pulled beneath the surface of the £5 Club, and down past the £4 Club threshold. Surely the world’s second most expensive player won’t be pulled down to the £2 Club depths where Ousmane Dembele (£2.68) and Luis Suarez (£2.02) lurk about? Coutinho’s out for three weeks with the thigh injury, but there’s got to be some bounce back when he debuts and starts playing, right? The art would be spotting the bottom of the trough to buy back in, or, if your portfolio is still packing P.C. shares, having the balls to hold on if you believe he warrants and will return to a place amongst the INDEX ‘highest price’ leaders.

Catchy: Check out the suggested new song by ‘Cork’s biggest Liverpool fan’:


Thursday’s 2p per share third-place Media dividend went to Naby Keïta (£2.22) traders. Their man generated 690 points on the back of stories suggesting Liverpool were keen to get him earlier than the previously agreed summer transfer. talkSPORT scored a 60-pointer with “RB Leipzig ‘will allow Naby Keïta to join this month for extra £13m payment’”. Keïta’s price is upward trending +11.74% for the week, but actually dropped -6.5% during the initial news flurry.

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Exciting Times Ahead!

Wishing You PROSPEROUS Trading at Football INDEX!



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