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Buzz Magnet, Buzz King are two phrases that traders love to band about when discussing players on the Index. What does it all mean and who are likely to take up these roles in the coming weeks and months?

Quite simply a buzz magnet or buzz king should be a key part of any traders portfolio as they attract a large swathe of media attention enhancing the prospect of buzz wins and subsequent dividend payouts. So which players could arguably own these titles in the coming weeks?

Where else can we start but Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan has had seven/eight buzz wins in February alone. A return on investment of 35p/40p per future. It could be argued that the Swede is THE Buzz King on current form. The media loves to report on Zlatan and his current form is helping to garner further attention. Furthermore Man Utd are still involved in three competitions as we enter March meaning more matches and potentially more opportunities for Buzz!

Another buzz magnet has to be Wayne Rooney, the England captain received four buzz wins in a row in late February as speculation around his future hit fever pitch. Even though his future appears to be resolved at present, the media will be taking a keen interest in what appears to be the twilight of his Man Utd career.

Finally as Chelsea appear to be marching to the title there have been recent buzz wins for Pedro (£1.18) and Cesc Fabregas (£0.89) on the back of man of the match performances. Could Conte’s men offer greater value buzz targets for traders as the media report on the title race?

Looking towards the Summer who do you think will be dominating the Buzz throughout the transfer window?

Written by James (@jimjo23)


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