How To Bet On Placepot

How To Bet On Placepot. The bet consists of choosing horses that “place” in the first six races at a race meeting. All you have to do is mark your selections on a placepot slip that looks similar to a bingo card.

What is a Placepot bet?
What is a Placepot bet? from

Placing a placepot bet is relatively straightforward. Should five, six or seven horses contest the race, then second places pays through placepot betting. The tote who operate the bet take a cut of the total pool, i.e.

While It Is Still Rather Niche, Horse Racing Enthusiasts Will Be Able To Enjoy Placepot Betting Online.

The winners then split the prize. There might be differences in how bookmakers handle these bets, but generally, the following rules apply to all placepot bets: Once you've made your selections, write the number of the horse you've picked for a particular leg in the corresponding box.

The Placepot Is A Bet Where You Have To Pick A Placed Horse In The First 6 Races At Any Meeting.

A single line placepot perm with one horse in each race looks like this 1x1x1x1x1x1 = 1 bet. ⦁ the minimum stake for a placepot bet is £0.10 (sometimes £0.05) ⦁ you must pick the winner/place finisher in all six races of a meet. You will essentially choose horses you believe will finish in the places of the race and if they all win, you will win a share of the prize pool.

Placepot Betting Offers And Promotions Bonuses, Offers And Promotions Are Typical In The Online Gaming Arena.

If there are four or fewer runners, then wager pays out on win only. While the general idea is straight forward, either your selections are in the winning places or not, the details of this bet are a little more complicated. First off, the placepot is a pool bet.

In Its Simplest Form, You Bet On One Horse Per Race, But You Can Increase The Number Of Horses Per Race If You’re Prepared To Pay A Larger Stake.

Placing a bet on the tote placepot for many horse racing punters is their only bet of the day and this can be one of best ways to bet on the horses. With between eight and 15 runners in handicaps, and eight or more in conditions races, you need your horse to be in the first three. Betting forecast for your placepot at that meeting to give you a 64 line placepot.

Should Five, Six Or Seven Horses Contest The Race, Then Second Places Pays Through Placepot Betting.

By the way, you can also bet on placepots online if you prefer to do it from the. This, therefore, leaves the ball on our side to choose the bookies with the best and hottest offers for you. Place positions vary depending on number of runners and type of races, but typically we're trying to get a horse to finish first, second or third in each of the six races.