How To Clean Football Shoulder Pads

How To Clean Football Shoulder Pads. Use water to get rid of dirt. Enzyme cleaners do well at breaking down organic stains.

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Fill the tub or bin with warm water. Do not remove the pads or belts from football pants. What’s the best way to clean a football helmet during the season?

Alternatively, You Can Clean The Pads With Rubbing Alcohol.

This will help to further dry the padding and work to absorb any remaining odor that may continue to lurk within them. Gently remove the padding portion covering the plastic “shell” of the pads and spray all the plastic areas on the football pads (there are many!) with a disinfectant and deodorizing sports gear spray, like clear gear spray, which is safe to use on sports gear and safe on skin. This helps keep microbes from growing and prevents the odors that occur if they’re stored while damp.

Remove The Foam Pads If Possible.

Then wipe with a dry cloth to dry the shoulder pads. The vinegar will effectively get rid of the smell. If you're cleaning shoulder pads and other protective gear, separate each of the shoulder pad's plastic shells from the fabric, and wipe them down.

Clean This At Least Once A Week.

You must however ensure that the disinfectant is safe to use on plastic. These are easy to clean because you can unsnap it. Try washing down with an enzyme based cleaner.

An Easy Process Would Be To Add Some Disinfectant To The Water, Then Use A Damp Cloth To Wipe Your Pads.

Removing odors from football pads. Currently, riddell is the only shoulder pad manufacturer that offers quick release shoulder pads (riddell ripkord). The spine is in neutral position with a child on their back while wearing a properly fitting helmet and properly fitting shoulder pads.

For All Equipment That Can Be Thrown In A Washing Machine, That's Exactly What You Should Do.

Fill the tub or bin with warm water. The ripkord shoulder pads can be removed without lifting or rolling the athlete (figure 7). ***don’t forget the chin strap.