How To Make Salami Flowers

How To Make Salami Flowers. You’ll need about 9 slices of salami and a shot glass. For the first layer, fold one salami slice in half and place it on the rim of a wine glass.

How To Make Salami Roses For A Charcuterie Board Simplemost from

Salami seems like a perfect cured meat. Fold three slices of pepperoni in half, and place the center of each slice over the rim of a glass. This example uses 11 slices.

Salami Seems Like A Perfect Cured Meat.

Start from one side and roll until a rose shape is formed. Continue step 2 one by one adding the next piece around the glass until its difficult to fit the salami in without pushing too hard. My salami slices are 3″ in diameter.

Then Place One Hand On Top Of The Glass (The Base Of Our Finished Flower).

The further you shingle the more open the flower will be. Instructions lay 4 pieces of salami onto a flat surface. While many people tend to lay the salami flat or fold it into small triangles, another way of presenting your salami or meat of your choosing is to make salami flowers.

(The Same Way You Used To Fold A Piece Of Paper Into A Fan In Elementary School).

How to make salami roses decorative 'salami roses' will add a beautiful floral touch to your charcuterie boards! Now lay your hand over the top of the wine glass to support the meat. Make a salami flower for your charcuterie board.

Fold All 4 Pieces In Half Together.

Next, grab another slice and shingle it over the piece already folded on the glass. Next tightly roll the folded pieces of salami. Take the next slice, place it on half of.

Look Inside The Glass, To Be Sure The Rose Is Looking Good.

Overlap them an inch or two. Continue placing salami slices inside the glass. Take the wine glass you want to use and fold one slice of meat halfway down the rim of the glass for the first layer.