International Break Dull? Not on the Index

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One of the comments regularly levelled about the international break in football is that they are incredibly dull, with fans missing the cut and thrust of league football, yet in the world of the Football Index that criticism simply cannot be thrown as the action continues 24/7, 365 days of the year. The current international break came to an end last night with the final round of friendlies and UEFA Nations League matches, yet on the Football Index, the action has been crazy with huge price rises and dividend returns that would quite simply make a bank hot under the collar. I wanted to take a quick look at the action over the past fortnight to try and summarise the action we have all witnessed.

For newcomers on the Index, the past fortnight has been a treble media festival with each day meaning that the players in 1st, 2ndand 3rd places within the Media Rankings have been taking home Media Dividends each day since the 3rd September, with £0.08, £0.05 and £0.02 returns for 1st,2nd and 3rd spot. Giving a total dividend per day of £0.15. This has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the Index and where best to illustrate this than with Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (£11.12). Back last Monday he was trading at a share price of £10.20 meaning we have seen a capital growth of £0.92 or 8% during the international break. Yet this barely scratches the surface of Ronaldo’s performance on the Index in the past fortnight. Detailed below are the dividend returns picked up by the Juventus man;

3rd September – £0.05

4th September – £0.02

5th September – £0.05

6th September – £0.08

7th September – £0.02

9th September – £0.08

10th September – £0.08

11 September – £0.05

Total – £0.43 Media Dividends

Meaning that when adding the dividends and capital together, Ronaldo owners have gained £1.35 per share in the past fortnight. That’s a return on investment of 13% in a fortnight. Despite moving to Serie A the allure of the Portuguese superstar is clearly never far from the media’s attention, with stories about his looks, his career and of course awards. CR7 is clearly a media darling and with two more international breaks before the end of the year is he now a must have in your portfolio?

Yet with three dividend payments every single day in the past fortnight, Ronaldo hasn’t been able to hog all of the limelight. One of the other star performers on the Index in the past fortnight has been Manchester United’s Paul Pogba (£10.94). The media scrutiny and the potential of a move to La Liga with Barcelona has never been far from the spotlight and this has seen the Frenchman romp home with the following dividends;

5th September– £0.08

6th September – £0.05

7th September – £0.08

8th September – £0.05

Total – £0.26 Media Dividends

 The links to La Liga and a return to Juventus in the Champions League mean that Pogba looks to be one of the media go to stories in the coming months, which should see the dividends continue to rise for the Manchester United number 6. Yet this tells only half the story on the Football Index.

The capital appreciation of the Frenchman has been massive, just one month ago he was trading at £7.82 a share. Meaning that he has risen by £3.12 a share in that period. That’s a 39% return on investment with dividends in the past fortnight only adding further returns to traders.

These are just two examples of the returns on offer to traders during the international break, it certainly isn’t dull. The best thing is that there are still actually two more days left of treble media dividends before the league action gets back underway on Friday and let’s not forget we have another international fortnight in October and November. Pogba and Ronaldo to dominate once more?

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