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A post which has set hearts racing and records tumbling in the Football INDEX forum has got the #FICommunity wrapped up into a frenzy. Trader @spfootballindex, remember the name, hit the nail on the head when describing recent activity on the platform. When I came across it I felt it had to be seen by all. Most Traders on social media have seen it by now but remember there are a huge number of Traders who aren’t on Social (yet…..) so this blog should hopefully tap into the other half of the Index. Read it here.

Luckily for you all, we managed to track him down and he was happy enough to be the first feature in our new ‘Trader Interview’ section.

Let’s see what he had to say…..

1. What made you become a Football INDEX trader?

I thought the concept was really interesting and filled a gap in the market which was perfect for someone like me who had grown tired of regular betting and wanted something longer term like fantasy football but that wasn’t over after a season and was actually financially rewarding.

2. How did you first hear about Football INDEX?


3. How long have you been trading on the platform?

I joined at the end of 2015 but I only started trading seriously from January 2017.

4. What is your trading strategy and has it changed at all?

The only thing that’s changed is that with experience I’m prepared to back myself when I see an opportunity at any price point. I don’t hesitate to buy a player in the 1000’s even when no one else seemingly is.

5. What do you wish you knew before you started?

A lot! To be patient, to trust my gut, to think for myself and that the platform would catch on so quickly.

6. What advice would you give a new Trader?

Start small, spread your risk, put in the effort to learn and take your time getting to know how the market moves.

7. What is your favourite aspect of Football INDEX?

The fact that it touches on so many different areas like betting, fantasy football, scouting, football-related video games, journalism and analytics.

Time for quick-fire….

Using one word, Football INDEX is…

Describe how it feels to be a Trader in three words:
Better than betting.

Make sure you follow @spfootballindex on Twitter and if you want to be the next Trader featured, visit this link here and you could be next!


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Tom is the Social Media & Community Manager at Football Index. He is a market expert and distributes official Football Index endorsed tips and advice to the online community. Find him on twitter @TomR_FI if you can put up with a few tweets about his beloved Leeds Utd.

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