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The circus at the Emirates appears to be well and truly in full swing at the moment and Saturday’s capitulation against West Brom has added further fuel to the fire that Wenger’s days may well be numbered. After a third 3-1 away defeat in a row, the writing really does look to be on the wall. With 4 losses out of 5 in the Prem, it is no wonder the clubs two major stars Sanchez (£4.36) and Ozil (£2.34) are hesitant to sign new contracts. But where did it all go wrong? And more importantly, what can we do to make a little money out of this situation?

An ever-growing portion of the Gunners fan base do not want Wenger to sign a new contract and this message was relayed via messenger plane across the Hawthorns on Saturday. While a second plane stating support followed soon after, there appears growing discontent at the club and surely now more than ever Wenger must be questioning whether he should stay on.

We have looked before at some of the possible managerial candidates who could make the step up to the Emirates and it would certainly be interesting to see what angle each prospective manager would take in terms of transfers. Juventus boss Max Allegri remains one of the favourites should Wenger call it a day and if Arsenal are able to coax the Italian to the Emirates, they may well be in for a treat. Should Allegri take over, you can guarantee there will be an awful lot of clamour for Dybala (£1.02) and his price would definitely see a major increase.

My personal preference would be for Leonadro Jardim to take the helm. The Monaco manager has done wonders at the French outfit this season, having continued to battle for the Ligue 1 title, whilst also making it to the Champions League quarter finals. Jardim plays an incredibly attacking brand of football which has seen his Monaco side hit an incredible average of 2.8 goals per game. To put that average into perspective, Liverpool who have 60 goals in the league, have an average of 2.1 goals per game. Seriously, when you look at the numbers, Monaco’s 87 goals compared to Paris Saint Germain’s 58 is absolutely insane! If Jardim were to take over, Mbappe (£2.-9) futures would no doubt continue to rise. The young Frenchman is surely destined for greatness and with his value peaking over the weekend at £2.32, there is definitely more room for development.

With so much disillusionment surrounding the Gunners at the moment, it is looking more and more likely that the likes of Sanchez may well look for pastures elsewhere. Once the news hits, it will be crucial to act quickly. Should Sanchez be sold abroad to the likes of Juventus, who currently seem very interested, it is likely his price will slide. However, if Sanchez where to move to another club in the Prem, his price would snowball more than ever before! We know Arsenal have previous for selling major stars to their rivals, but surely…SURELY they wouldn’t sell Sanchez to another club in the Prem? Would they?

Whichever way this soap opera turns out, it is well worth keeping an eye on the news as this particular management merry-go-round begins to spin. The only question remaining now is how long can Wenger keep hold?

Written by Andrew @andygrainger23


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