January 2018 Roundup

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While the focus on this article is to reflect and analyse the month’s top performers and the influences behind them, as this is a monthly review, there are several other events that have taken place that are worth noting. Firstly, you might have heard that Alexis Sanchez completed a surprising last-minute change of heart (or wallet) switch to Manchester United, honestly, if you haven’t heard then I think the Index may not be for you!

The Chilean started the month at £5.39 but after Coutinho’s price fell from mid-five pound to mid-three pounds in just a couple of days upon completion of his dream move to Barcelona there was a bearish change of sentiment about Sanchez’s proposed move to city and his price fell to lows of £4.79 before Di Marzio broke news of a late United approach. Since then Sanchez managed to pick up 18 consecutive Media Dividend wins equating to £1.05, which is the longest and most profitable streak the Index has ever seen, whilst also breaking Pogba’s previous record for highest Media score with an incredible 7080. As well as this, his price increased to a peak of £7.29 before settling at £6.68 at the time of writing.

The second news-worthy piece of information to arise this month has to be the exciting announcement of Football Index expanding into new territories in the near future. On 24/01/18 Adam Cole announced on twitter that the company would be opening up the market to Sweden in February and also plans a similar expansion into Canada later this year, both trading on the same market as us UK based traders causing current users to speculate of price hikes on the horizon and begin getting their extra funds into the market now in order to capitalise on the expected growth, leaving the Index up a modest 70 points on the day after the 7pm announcement with the pinnacle of the market seeing the biggest increase as Neymar fifty-four pence over the course of 24 hours, possibly raising the ceiling on the market once again and potentially opening a window of growth underneath the Brazilian star. He’s still rising and currently priced at well over £9, which is the first time a player’s hit that milestone since Messi In November.

Finally moving onto to the focus of this article, that being the best performing players of the month. Starting where the money’s at, surprisingly the player who picked up the biggest Performance Dividend this month was actually Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, he managed a star player performance on a Treble day, as well as a single day win back at the start of the month, giving him a total yield of twenty-two pence, adding to his previously smaller wins and making him the 6th highest yielding forward since Matxh Day Dividends began with a total thirty-one pence pay out, challenging the stereotype that out-and-out strikers can’t compete for Match Day Dividends. The only other player to pick up more than one win this month was PSG’s Angel di Maria, who picked up two double day wins, one of which was a star player performance, he was also the only player to boast a score of 200+ twice in the month of January. These performances caused plenty of fluctuations in his relatively low price, hitting lows of £1.07 before these performances and peaking at £1.42.

Looking at the biggest performance-related price movers, there were a few notable rises on the back of impressive match day scores. Firstly, now-confirmed-defender’s Kimmich and Marcello saw rises of £0.71 and £0.44 respectively after a series of contending scores and owners of Madrid’s Brazilian left back were also treated to a Treble day win on the 21st. In the midfield, there were lots of players getting recognition for their performances in the form of investment, with three, in particular, rising over twenty pence on the back of good performances. The largest of which coming from Bayern Munich’s James Rodriguez. The attacking midfielder appears to be in favour of the new manager and although he only picked up the star player on a single match day, a score of 201 (his 4th 200+ of the season) it was enough to convince traders of his potential, which saw his price rise 55p (26%) in January.

Daniel Parejo of Valencia experienced a similar rise up 46p to £2.34, after another positional win on a double day at the beginning of the month made him the highest yielding midfielder since the doubling of pay-outs in November with a 44p yield. A more modest midfielder rise came from Nice’s Wylan Cyprien, who stood out after managing to win the Star player on a Saturday were Real Madrid won 7-1, He’s up 21p and currently priced at £2.04.

In the forwards department, a new favourite has appeared in the shape of Leon Bailly, he’s enjoyed the best of both worlds in January, with many originally buying the Leverkusen forward for his transfer speculating however once that died down the young Jamaican began to show his ability on the pitch, resulting in his price increasing further, rather than decreasing once a mid-season move to the premier league because unlikely. He now holds the fifth highest Average score for a forward with 126.1 after consecutive scores of 172 and 230, the latter of which won him the treble forward dividend, resulting in an 86p (52%) rise over the month.

Another not so new performer on the block is Lyon’s Nabil Fikir who continues to impress on the other side of the channel. He racked up yet another jaw-dropping performance against Guingamp scoring a huge 271, only to be steamrollered off top spot by a record forward score of 357 in a late kick-off, despite this defeat he’s still won 33p worth of Match Day dividend so far this season and after a great display and stunning freekick against PSG in Lyon’s surprise 2-1 win he clearly got traders attention, resulting in a 63p price increase so far this year.

Not everyone’s been a performance winner this month though, a couple of big guns took a hit for not getting their feet together. No one more than Insigne, Salah and Dybala who dropped 48p, 44p and 39p respectively. All three very similar types of forward with a proven ability to pick up dividends, however with a winless start to the year traders have clearly seen better opportunities for the time being and got rid. Could be an opportunity to “buy the dip” should a big performance arise from any of them (did someone say top up time?) but without a win, they’re going to struggle to prop up such high prices.

In summary, January was very healthy month of growth on the Index, the ceiling is back above £9, and there’s clearly still opportunities for players to grow, either because their ability is only just being proven or recognised like Bailly, or if they’re simply continuing to deliver consistently like Marcelo or Fekir and with new territories imminent, new traders means new opinions which in turn means more diverse investment opening up even more chances to profit. Of course, as you can see from the likes of Insigne, there are still possibilities of prices declining but it demonstrates that poor performances can result in a fall in prices which is rightly so, showing that as the Index grows it’s becoming more liquid, further opening up opportunities to profit in short-term trades rather than looking to hold continually.

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