Market Update From Adam Cole

Hello Traders!

I hope this finds you profitable and well. Apologies that my updates have been less ‘regular’ than I’d intended, but I do hope you find them useful.

The Index continues to go from strength to strength. The market is warming up nicely as we head into a traditionally very profitable period for traders, with the packed festive fixture list followed by the January transfer window.

I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss some of our plans for 2019…

Share Split

After considerable consultation, analysis and in response to popular demand, I’m delighted to confirm we will undertake a Share Split in the first quarter of 2019.

For those asking what a share split is; we previously performed a share split two years ago, dividing shares by a factor of four. So for instance, if you owned one Lionel Messi share at a price of £14.00, your portfolio would have updated to 4x Lionel Messi shares at a price of £3.50. As a result of this the dividend was also split by a factor of Four.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not confirming today to what factor we will split the shares. Further information will be published about the split in the new year.

This change will be beneficial to customers who will be able to build a wider portfolio of footballers suited to all budgets. And remember the more footballers you have in your portfolio, the more opportunities you’ll have to win dividends.

From a liquidity perspective this change should also provide a boost to the number of customers wishing to buy footballers given their prices will be considerably lower. There is also the benefit of tighter spreads in real terms on lower priced footballers, something all traders can enjoy.

Look out for more information in the new year about these plans.


I’m sure you’re all aware we’re in the process of rebuilding Football Index’s technical platform from the ground up. This has been an enormous undertaking but will allow us to build and scale for the future and multiple Indexes.

Over the past year, this giant task has taken precedence over everything and at times de-prioritised features and improvements we would have invariably been keen to add. As we close in on completion of this new technology back-end I want to thank traders for their patience and continued support. 2019 will deliver a lot of new features and functionality and we couldn’t be more excited about it.


We’re well underway with our marketing efforts in Ireland, and we’ll be reappearing on the tube again over the next two month. With the January transfer window well within our sights we’re anticipating a great deal of activity and have an advertising budget to match what has always been a great time of year for us. In addition to the London Underground activity we’re live on massive digital screens in Canary Wharf, will continue with Sky in both the UK and Ireland, and have new TalkSport creative for the transfer window.

I’ll arrange a Q&A in December and look forward to taking your questions directly.

Onwards and Upwards!

Adam Cole

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