Media Madness Round Up

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While many of us spent the last twelve days wondering how we ever lived without the thrill of Match Day Dividends, it has definitely been a profitable period for many. The so-called blue-chip’s continued to demonstrate why they’re so expensive by mopping up the Media Dividends through this period. In fact, 52% of all the dividends won in the twelve-day stint were taken home by the top five of the market (although Kane bagged absolutely zilch and market leading Neymar only contributed 5p).

Cast your mind back to what seems like an age ago when the domestic football come to a pause with the media still wrapped up in a miraculous Mo Salah performance. This continued into the break and after being the first player to take home the top prize of 23p on a match day, the Egyptian followed it up with multiple media wins and accumulating to a total dividend return of 31p since then. This warranted his £1.85 price rise from full time against the Swans to his peak of £8.38 on the 19th.

Just like old times, the United boys managed to show up the most frequently, with four different players placing over the break, with Paul Pogba standing out by picking up six dividend winning places. The others also provided some rather cheap Media winners, with Luke Shaw making a break into the top 200 and eligible to pick up 7p in dividends after an initial £1 increase, peaking at £1.93 before settling at £1.59 at the end of the international break.

The focus on England’s internationals also brought up a few unlikely candidates, with Jack Wilshire coming close a couple of times and managing a total 7p yield as well as Jesse Lindgard taking home a second place win after scoring the winner for England against The Netherlands and an even more surprising third place for John stones late in the day.

While the media rankings never sleeps, this stint of treble media has definitely been a rewarding one for those “holding for media” but dividends haven’t been the only kindness the market has offered over this time. Plenty of new cash has come into the market resulting in some pretty substantial rises. Apart from the already mentioned Mo Salah, Timo Werner has stood out, with a 68p rise over the break, presumably in preparation of the latter stages of the Europa League and being not only tipped to be Germany’s world cup front man but also at the centre of a transfer tug of war between some highly ranked teams, and while he remains coy on his future being at Leipzig for now, it hasn’t stopped the ‘paper ‘s from writing, leaving the German star falling just short on a media dividend on a couple of occasions.

Gareth Bale also managed a monstrous rise of over 25% during the break, up from £4.08 to £5.17 the Welshman managed to pick up 15p in dividends off the back of the cyclical United rumours and with the added food for thought of Wales friendly’s (which historically get covered almost as much as England games by UK media) and seemingly putting together a string of games in time for Madrid’s Quarter Final tie with Juventus gave many Traders enough incentive to put their hand in their metaphorical pockets.

During the second string of friendlies the stand out result came from Spain, who put six past Argentina with Isco providing the majority of the class along with two goals, this game seemed to confirm the Madrid man was going to be a pinnacle part of the Spaniard’s team in Russia leading to a 76p price increase over the break, while an emerging quote suggesting he feels of a lack of support from Zidane also added a sweetener to those traders by fuelling transfer rumours further.

Overall, the return of Match Day Dividends I feel will be a welcome one for the majority of traders for the thrill it brings if nothing else, while those who own Paul Pogba may wish it to continue forever. One thing for sure is it has certainly seen money go into the platform and plenty paid out in dividends to a concentrated number of players. It will be interesting to see what the next treble media break will bring in the weeks preceding the World Cup start.

At a guess, you’d have to say the big England players will have the spotlight firmly on them along with the top stars of the tournament giving Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo more chances to profit (as if they need any more). As well as possibly the odd transfer rumour breaking for those looking to get a deal done before the tournament, Griezmann is the biggest one that springs to mind and finally maybe a bit of overspill from the Champions League final allowing the champions to reap the rewards a little further, although I’ll leave who that might be up to you! One thing I can say is once again there’s always opportunities on the Index.


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Liam Mcdonnell has been trading on the platform since late 2015 and has witnessed the whole evolution of the Index. His finance background means he commonly uses data to produce articles and graphs to portray trends relating to prices and dividends. Liam relies on prior knowledge to identify opportunities for undervalued players in his articles.

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