Neymar is in the £9 Club

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It has been some week on Football Index with the news that they were expanding to the Swedish and Canadian market which was announced during the Q&A on Wednesday earlier this week (Traders Reaction to the Q&A). The feel-good factor that this gave to traders was evident across social media and makes the rest of 2018 an extremely exciting as the Index looks to expand and grow across the world!

One of the main winners of the announcement was the Brazilian superstar and world record transfer fee holder, Neymar. Almost immediately following the announcement on Wednesday the Paris Saint-Germain striker shot up in value from £8.31 a future to £8.67. But Neymar wasn’t done there, as I write the PSG number 10 has just smashed the £9 mark! Meaning that in the last two days alone he has shot up in value!

All traders have been looking forward to what the rest of 2018 will bring but what is exciting though is to look back even further to see the impact Neymar has had in the last twelve months. Now I’m not saying the next 12 months will be exactly the same but the results are incredible.

A look at the 12-month graph for Neymar is illuminating and quite frankly looks like a ski lift in the Alps. At around February last year, futures could be scooped up for £1.09. Yes, One Pound and Nine Pence! Incredible. To put this in perspective 100 futures a year ago would have been worth £109 and would now be up £785 in profit to a current value of £894! In one year! And this is before you even factor in any dividends that he brought in!

So, what could 2018 bring for traders? Will Neymar be the first double-digit player? We are still a fair few months away from the World Cup and surely the Brazilian will be one of the leading lights in Russia as he looks to lead his country to glory. Whilst in the more immediate future is the Champions League showdown with Cristiano Ronaldo’s (up £3.94 a future in the last year himself) Real Madrid which will surely fuel transfer speculation regardless of the result.

Lots of potential stories and what looks like more growth opportunities too. Hold on!


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Tom is the Social Media & Community Manager at Football Index. He is a market expert and distributes official Football Index endorsed tips and advice to the online community. Find him on twitter @TomR_FI if you can put up with a few tweets about his beloved Leeds Utd.

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