November Trader Of The Month Interview

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So our November Trader Of The Month competition has come to a close with a maiden title for Satch P. We managed to pin him down in between his trades and asked the all-important questions……

1. How does it feel to win the Football Index Trader of the Month competition?

Great! I think I’ve been in the top 10 for a few months now so it’s good to finally get to the number 1 spot!

2. What was your most profitable trade/trades last month?

Probably Neymar. Whilst he was expensive, I felt he was significantly undervalued and thankfully I was right. I think he rose nearly £1.50 in price and racked up nearly 75p in dividend wins, all in one month! Personally, I think he’ll be the first player to hit £10 on the index as no other player can match the combination of his media and Match Day dividend potential.

3. What is your trading strategy? Has it changed at all since Adam’s Market Update (here)?

Like most traders, I just tend to try and spot value on a day to day basis, whether from transfer rumours, dips in prices for irrational reasons or young players that I think have potential. Since the market update the main thing that’s changed is that I’ve been trading with a lot more confidence. It did seem like traders were proceeding cautiously with all the recent changes to the platform but the re-affirmation of where the platform has come from and where it is going just settled a few nerves I think. That seems to have played out in the days since from what I can see and I think the market will really kick on into the new year, particularly with all of the advertising over the festive period.

4. Who is your player/players to watch for this month?

Haha. That would be telling! Overall, I think that the big name Match Day Divided players who have maybe been more quiet over November could return some nice dividends and price rises. For example, a good month for Messi on the pitch and in the media around the Ballon D’or and El Clasico could see him rack some dividends. Then inevitably you’ll have a few players linked to move in the January transfer window that I’m sure will see some sharp price rises.

5. Top 3 most expensive players at the end of the year?

The same as they are now. Messi, Neymar, Kane.

6. Any tips for customers who have recently joined?

I think just take your time. Try the 7 day risk-free trade offer. Then maybe put a little bit of cash in and just play around for a couple of months. Then, if you feel you’re getting more confident with how the market works, potentially increase your investment. I also think that if you stick to the big players when starting, whilst you may not make as much from your investment, it can be a good way to ease yourself in and pick up a few buzz wins whilst you get familiar with everything. That’s particularly relevant right now probably, where there are still many IPO players to come and the market isn’t fully settled yet lower down.

7. What are you spending the £500 on? 

Goes without saying doesn’t it!? More shares!


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Tom is the Social Media & Community Manager at Football Index. He is a market expert and distributes official Football Index endorsed tips and advice to the online community. Find him on twitter @TomR_FI if you can put up with a few tweets about his beloved Leeds Utd.

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