Some Gems in the £3-£6.50 Bracket

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The recent deposit bonus has seen the top players soar in value over the last week or so, with Paul Pogba the new king of the Index at well over £14. But as is always the case on the Index, this latest movement presents value in the mid-market range as these players will inevitably start to creep up. In this blog, I wanted to at some players who currently look value in that £3 – £6.50 bracket.

Antione Griezmann

Antione Griezmann (£5.87) got his first Match Day Dividends of the season on Tuesday night and the Frenchman is yet to rise in line with the other players in the top 50. Antoine was praised for his terrific performance against Huesca, and despite signing a new deal recently, you’d expect transfer links to creep up again before long, leaving the door open for Media Dividends.

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic (£4.02) has been the conductor for Inter Milan this season and has already rewarded those who hold him with dividends. But looking at the price of other high scoring midfielders, I still think Brozovic could be a wise buy, especially aged just 25 and with transfer links likely in January.

Anthony Martial

Paul Pogba’s recent explosion highlights how valuations can change dramatically and should Mourinho stay or go, there’s scope for the value of Anthony Martial (£3.51) to really rise over the next year. You can see him attracting media attention as we approach January and also racking up some Match Day Dividends if he does get a move to a new club.

Lorenzo Insigne

Lorenzo Insigne (£3.36) is Napoli biggest attacking threat and historic Match Day data has shown he’s been a bit unlucky not to win dividends more often.The other night was another example of this when he scored an impressive 201 (having played just 62 minutes). This score is normally enough to win Top Forward Diviends but the little Italian was tipped to the post by Neymar.

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala (£6.52) has an impressive Match Day Rankings record and looks great value next to the world’s top players currently. His lack of a rise recently is partly due to Ronaldo’s arrival. But the Argentine still showed his Match Day Ranking promise on Wednesday night vs. Bologna with an impressive score of 216 and was unlucky not to win dividends. Aged just 24, Dybala could be seen as a sensible long-term high-value purchase and the only way is surely up for him on the Index.

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