UEL and UCL Knockout stages

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We’ve had some questions about the recent knockout stages of the UEL and UCL and would like to clarify some of them, and any follow on impact.

Should aggregate scores for two leg UEL and UCL matches count toward Match day Rankings?
No, rankings should focus on the games that took place on that day, but we have identified a bug in our processing of the opta feed.

When will this be fixed?
As soon as possible(we had attempted a fix for today’s games, however final testing was not successful, so we were unable to release), however due to the challenges of software development, and the degree of testing required, we don’t publish a timeline.

UPDATE 8/3/18: This issue was resolved in advance of the 7/3/18 Champions League fixtures. For the avoidance of doubt, scoring remains as per the correct table and the dividend payments on that day are correct. As part of the work to remove aggregate results being counted, scores for Wins, Losses, and Game Winning Goal are now being updated during the course of a game on an “as it stands” basis. This is actually more accurate trading data to base trades on, though with processing time, there may be momentary lag in updating scores.

Has this impacted dividends today?
It did not impact dividends on 6/3/18.

Has this impacted dividends previously?
We’re reviewing historical performance data to identify any examples where dividend payment was affected, we’ll publish the correct results here as soon as possible and ensure correct payments are made if appropriate.

All examples should be resolved on an automated basis within the next 48 hours. If that’s delayed, we’ll update this article. UPDATE: 8/3/18 We will do a final quality check tomorrow morning to verify the results, and conclude the issue before 5pm.

UPDATE 9/3/18: We’ve confirmed that with the Match Day Dividends were paid correctly for matches played on 21/2/18 and 22/2/18, with the exception that Raul Albiol should have won the Defender sector on 22/2/18. The Correct results are:

Position Footballer Score
FW Bertrand Traoré 186
MID Bruno Fernandes 187
DEF Raúl Albiol 164
STAR Bruno Fernandes 187


Traders that held Albiol are being credited today

We recommend to wait before contacting us relating to this issue until after that period, as high volumes of queries that will be resolved in bulk, will cause delays in response to other queries.

Thank you for your patience,

Football Index Support


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